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Here's just a taste of what to expect - more announcements coming soon!

All sessions are free to drop into and most include a short Q&A with the speaker.

Favourite brands

Over 100 brands, including Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony and Epson. Watch demos and chat about the latest products at your leisure.

Sky's the limit

A selection of interviews with photographers and creatives at the top of their game, including Chase Jarvis, Juno Calypso and David Yarrow.

Out & About 

An opportunity to follow brand ambassadors and top-level pros on their shoots on-location. They'll tell you how they get the best out of every outing.

From stills...    

Sessions covering all levels of stills skill; whether you've just taken up photography or you're looking to start the journey to being a pro. 

...To action

More skills talks examining storytelling, getting great footage, and wrapping it all up with great audio and post-production; a video and filmmaker's perspective. 

Create & Motivate

Experts will dive deep into the way photography and film can affect us and look at the projects that they've explored to ground and motivate their passion.

Editing & Post-Production

Top tips and advice on adding the final touches and effects to images, plus an insight into video post-production techniques and managing workflow.  

Make the connection

Learn how to build up your audiences; use social channels to your advantage and create a business strategy that makes the most of your talent and time. 

Analogue spotlight

Tried and tested... find inspiration from our spotlight hosts who will demonstrate a range of techniques across the analogue realm. 

Browse galleries

A chance to take a look at several collections of outstanding images curated by communities and associations.

Ask the experts

Get your work reviewed or get advice on techniques and skills specific to you with our team of photography and filmmaking gurus. 

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