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Kat Mahale

Kat Mahale

Therapeutic and felt sense photographer, facilitator and mentor

Kat is a portrait and self-portrait photographer, speaker, facilitator and mentor, based near London. She creates safe spaces for people to notice themselves better through art, specialising in the felt sense, therapeutic photography and embodied awareness.

In 2021, Kat was interviewed live by Rankin on his Instagram page and selected for his 2022 Unseen exhibition in London. She's a returning speaker at The Photography & Video Show, a proud member of the Uninvisibility movement, was one of 100 UK photographers to be chosen for the 2020 Vision Project and has just finished writing her first book, What Now? Find out more about Face to Face®, Freedom Shoots, Feltful Photography, Mentoring and the Felt Photographic gallery at

Kat's 'Felt Sense' curated gallery UNITY will be showcased at The Photography & Video Show 2024. She is offering free 30min sessions to find out more about her work and approach - click here to book.