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Find out more about the 'felt sense' experience

Kat Mahale’s unique approach to photography and gallery curation using the felt sense, challenges and redefines how we relate to images.

Rather than simply looking at an image, Kat invites you to experience photographs from a more visceral, embodied perspective, something she began instinctively doing following a self-portrait shoot in 2018. The transformational results lead to a deepening relationship with self-portraiture and using images for improved mental health and wellbeing. She developed a powerful therapeutic approach to portraiture, helping clients them see themselves better through their own image and sought other avenues to tap into our felt sense including mindful photography facilitation and self-portraiture mentoring.

In 2022 she launched Felt Photographic, an online gallery space hosting exhibitions via open calls. It began as an experiment into the possibility of curating just on the strength of emotional response and feeling, and has developed into a haven for artists to have their work viewed without the industry norms of critique, scoring or judging. The impact on panellists has been significant as her process removes the need to have any photographic experience, allowing for a more human experience of art.

If you’d like to find out more about Kat’s processes and experience how she uses the felt sense in her work, you can book a free half hour session with her on Saturday, Sunday or Monday at the show.

Please complete the form to book a free session with Kat