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We will have a selection of beautiful exhibitions on the show floor, each with their own take on photography

LCE Photographer of the Year Award - Shortlist

LCE Photographer of the Year 2024 is a prestigious competition supported by major photography brands including Canon, Nikon and OM System. With 14 categories and an impressive £12,000 prize fund it has attracted nearly 13,000 entries from the UK and beyond. We’re delighted to display the final shortlisted entries in the welcome area at the show. The winning entries and 2024 overall winner will be announced live at the Photo Studio at 15:45 on Sunday, 17 March.

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Travel Photographer of the Year - Winners

Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) - is the leading global travel photography award for all amateur and professional photographers. Run by photographers, for photographers, wherever you live in the world and whatever your level, entries are welcomed with open arms. The winners will form the TPOTY exhibition at the show. 

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Images: M Broen (bottle), A Ravnak (aeriel view) - category winners 2023

Emerging Artist Award - Shortlist

With a prize part sponsored by Canon, and CEWE the print partner, this is the show's own gallery dedicated to shining a light on the work of students - at whatever level of study. This year's competition is based on a 'Dusk 'til Dawn' theme; sunsets, twilight, urban, wildlife - the output is up to the imagination. The shortlist will be on display close to the Food Village and the winner will be announced at the show, timing TBC.

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Images: Kinga Gurba (portrait), Francesca Canty (fairground), Luke Adekoya Campbell (cycling) - 2022 shortlist

Emerging Artist Award

UNITY - a 'Felt Sense' gallery

Experience a new and exciting perspective to photography that challenges and redefines how we experience images. What makes Kat Mahale's exhibitions different is that images are selected based on the strength of their emotional responses. The next works in her ground-breaking series, UNITY, will be on display at the show (next to the Editing & Post-Production Suite) and Kat is offering free 30min tour sessions for visitors who want to find out more about her work and approach.

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Images: Lăcră Grozăvescu (footsteps), Valentina di Berardino (veil), Andie Dale (clasped hands)

SheClicks - Monthly Challenge Shortlist

The SheClicks gallery will showcase a collection of images from the SheClicks community’s monthly challenge (supported by MPB), from August 2022 to January 2024. The final selection of images will be made by Scarlet Page, Nikon Ambassador, and printed by CEWE. The gallery forms part of #womenwhophoto, a campaign created by the show and SheClicks to put female photographers in the spotlight.

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UKBFTOG - Living the Dream

The UK Black female photographers Community are bringing their award-winning exhibition LIVING THE DREAM to the show. The exhibition was first seen at the FUJIFILM House of Photography, and showcases 51 black female photographers. The exhibition represents the reality of black female photographers, both in terms of living their dream and doing what they love; and living their ancestor's dreams - of taking up the well deserved space within the photography industry.

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Image: Rele James - See Me