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'Felt sense': A unique approach to photography and curation

17 Mar 2024
Shoot to Inspire
Shoot to Inspire

Experience a new and exciting perspective to photography that challenges and redefines how we experience images. In this session Kat will introduce her innovative processes before hosting a discussion on one section of her work, photographic gallery curation. What makes her exhibitions different is that they’re curated entirely on the 'felt sense', from the panel selecting images based on the strength of their emotional responses, to Kat’s intuitive method of gallery arrangement. Join Kat and her guests to hear more, including how panelists and artists feel about her approach, and why it might just be the place you’ve been looking for to submit your work. UNITY is being exhibited for the duration of the show (next to the Editing & Post-Production Suite) and Kat is offering free 30min sessions to find out more about her work and approach.

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Kat Mahale, Therapeutic and felt sense photographer, facilitator and mentor
Kay Scorah
Clare Louise, Business Leadership Coach & Mentor
Valentina Di Beradino, Photographer


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