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Main Stages, Theatres & Masterclasses

Analogue Showcase
  1. Analogue Showcase
    Explore new ways of using photography as an emotive form of communication with Corrine Gretton-West, looking at the emulsion lift process.
  2. Analogue Showcase
    Learn all about how to capture sports on film in this session with Miles
  3. Analogue Showcase
    Join this session with Rachel who will introduce you to the wonders of using traditional heritage techniques in the studio.
    Brought to you by:  Little Vintage Photography
  4. Analogue Showcase
    Join this session with Dave from Alfie Cameras where he'll tell you all about how the TYCH was designed and developed.
  5. Analogue Showcase
    Join Miles in this session where he'll discuss all things analogue when it comes to shooting live music
Behind the Lens
  1. Behind the Lens
    Geraint will discuss a range of techniques to develop a style for your macro photography and build a diverse portfolio of images.    
    Brought to you by  OM System
  2. Behind the Lens
    Laura Abbatiello and Luke White from the Institute of Medical Illustrators will give an overview of clinical photography and how to get into it.
  3. Behind the Lens
    You don't need to travel far to capture spectacular wildlife with your camera - join Tesni to discover what Britain has to offer.     
    Brought to you by  OM System
  4. Behind the Lens
    BBC wildlife researcher and presenter Jack Baddams will discuss how thermal imaging works and how it can be used to track wildlife to capture amazing stills and video content.
    Brought to you by  HIKMICRO & Elite Optical
  5. Behind the Lens
    Discover how to ensure your portraits show a person's true beauty.    
  6. Behind the Lens
    Fiona will show you the steps to transform your photography from average to exceptional.
Creator Stage
  1. Creator Stage
    Portrait pro Darren Boyd talks all-things social, explaining how to make the most of your online presence.
    Brought to you by  Nikon
  2. Creator Stage
    James Hoffmann will sit down with Charles Haynes to discuss his career as a creator.
  3. Creator Stage
    Join Andy in this session as he tells you how his new YouTube channel grew to 125k subscribers and has more than 30 million views in just 18 months.
  4. Creator Stage
    Find your voice through the power of vlogging in this session with Kim Grant.
  5. Creator Stage
    Join content designer and creator Jon Gill as he gives you the recipe for his content sandwich - a way to package your content for your audience to make it more effective, whichever platform you're creating on.
Editing & Post Production
  1. Editing & Post-Production Suite
    Liz will show you how scheduling your marketing content in Adobe Express can make your life easier.
  2. Editing & Post-Production Suite
    If you are looking to refine your images, create a wow factor, and gain a comprehensive understanding of file preparation for printing, then this class is a must-attend. Gurvir will cover a range of topics, including skin and hair retouching, colour grading and toning.
  3. Editing & Post-Production Suite
    David shows how to create precise masks of subjects, backgrounds or any element of your photo using Ai tech.
    Brought to you by  Capture One
  4. Editing & Post-Production Suite
    If you are looking to refine your images, create a wow factor, and gain a comprehensive understanding of file preparation for printing, then this class is a must-attend. Join Gurvir and take your image editing skills to the next level.
  5. Editing & Post-Production Suite
    Calvin will explore how AI tools can assist in both the planning and post-production workflows for fashion photographers and filmmakers, as well as addressing the ethical considerations.
  6. Editing & Post-Production Suite
    This session will show you how to import, edit and deliver your video clips using Adobe Premiere Pro.
  7. Editing & Post-Production Suite
    Rick will look at how you can use all the audio and visual elements together to tell a story that looks and sounds great.
In Motion Studio
  1. In Motion Studio
    Roxy will delve into her process for making wildlife films from start to finish.
    Brought to you by  Nikon
  2. In Motion Studio
    What is the filmmaking language of drones? Carys will show you how to use drone footage to make an impact in your work.
  3. In Motion Studio
    The mobile workflow to shoot, edit and share short or long-form video on a phone or tablet!
  4. In Motion Studio
    Join Rick and Carys in a warts-and-all chat about the reality of making yourself be seen and stand out in the world of freelancing.
  5. In Motion Studio
    Calvin will discuss the significance of using talking heads in brand videos and explore how to make them compelling for various platforms.
Photo Studio
  1. Photo Studio
    Are you a student looking to get your work seen and elevate your profile?     
    Brought to you by  Hahnemühle
  2. Photo Studio
    Jade will demonstrate lighting techniques you can use across all skin tones.
  3. Photo Studio
    Dive into the world of softboxes in this live lighting demo with Gavin Hoey.
    Brought to you by  PiXAPRO
  4. Photo Studio
    Tina will offer posing pointers to achieve striking, dynamic portrait and beauty images.
  5. Photo Studio
    Mick will break down the practical principles he relies on to get great portraits, sometimes in just 5 minutes, with couples who don't always feel comfortable in front of the camera!
    Brought to you by Sony
Pro Forum
  1. Masterclass Theatre, Piazza Suites
    Damien introduces this morning's sessions, which are designed to help you improve your focus, use your time more wisely, and keep your creativity ignited.
  2. Masterclass Theatre, Piazza Suites
    Discover practical techniques to revolutionise your approach to time and focus management.
  3. Masterclass Theatre, Piazza Suites
    Hannah details the ups and downs of splitting your business into different genres, with their own identities.
  4. Masterclass Theatre, Piazza Suites
    Get inspired to evolve your approach to rekindle your love of image-making.
Shoot to Inspire
  1. Shoot to Inspire
    Volume photography can generate a regular annual income in a seasonally predictive market. What do you need to get started?
    Brought to you by  Digitalab
  2. Shoot to Inspire
    Discover the tools, apps and techniques you'll need for night sky and underwater photography.
  3. Shoot to Inspire
    Learn how to take advantage of your local environment, respond to changing light and seasonal change, and use effective camera control, technique and composition to produce striking images.
    Brought to you by  Creative Photography Experience
  4. Shoot to Inspire
    Do you feel limited living in a small town? This session will help you to embrace your surroudings and find photographic gold where you are living, no matter where you are.
  5. Shoot to Inspire
    Elevate your wedding photography business by mastering the art of selling albums without being too "salesy".
    Brought to you by  Folio Albums
Student Forum
  1. Masterclass Theatre, Piazza Suites
    Peter Dench chairs an afternoon looking at potential career paths in photography.
  2. Masterclass Theatre, Piazza Suites
    Have you considered volume photography as a potential career path?
    Brought to you by  Digitalab
  3. Masterclass Theatre, Piazza Suites
    Jade will describe what it's like to work in fashion and beauty photography.
  4. Masterclass Theatre, Piazza Suites
    Peter Dench explains how to make a living as an editorial photographer.

On Exhibitor stands

  1. Adobe Hub (Stand H603)
    Let’s explore Masking and Local Adjustments in depth. In this session, we’ll show you how to shape light within an image and make targeted adjustments, taking your edits to the next level.
Adobe Hub
  1. Adobe Hub (Stand H603)
    Dive into two of Lightroom's newest editing tools, Point Colour and Lens Blur, with Bea Lubas, who will walk you through how she uses these powerful tools while editing her images.
  2. Adobe Hub (Stand H603)
    Follow Ben Moore as he shows you what he looks for when he's taking photos in urban environments. During the photowalk you will be able to get close to him, ask him questions as he is composes his images and learn how he’s see's the world through his photography mindset.
  3. Adobe Hub (Stand H603)
    Exploring the power of diverse perspectives and inclusive practices within photography, this talk by portrait photographer Anna Neubauer illuminates the transformative potential of embracing diversity to enrich storytelling and authentically capture the beauty of humanity.
  4. Adobe Hub (Stand H603)
    Join us for a discussion with designer Johannes Eckert and engineer Toby Baier from the Lightroom team about all that goes into researching, designing, and building the powerful Lightroom for mobile app.
  5. Adobe Hub (Stand H603)
  6. Adobe Hub (Stand H603)
    Enhance and empower your architecture photography using the wealth of tools available in Lightroom Classic.
  7. Adobe Hub (Stand H603)
    Your studio is everywhere: Johannes Eckert, Lightroom designer, shows how to edit across devices and apps, from Lightroom on your phone to Photoshop on the web.
  8. Adobe Hub (Stand H603)
    There’s more to Photoshop with Photoshop Beta! Test out new features for photographers right inside the Public Beta version, we’ll look at all new filters to enhance your photography!
  9. Adobe Hub (Stand H603)
    The tone curve is one of the most powerful tools in post-processing however, it can be intimidating on first impressions. In this session, we’ll break it down and show you just how useful it is.
EOS Academy
  1. EOS (Stand N201)
    The rapid emergence and expansion of Canon’s EOS R mirrorless system has left DSLR users in its wake. That’s because it’s brought compatibility confusion as well as doubts over the true benefits of ma ...
  2. EOS (Stand N201)
    Canon’s third generation focusing system is more than a match for any subject – whether still or moving, people, vehicles, animals and more. Thanks to the powerful subject recognition programming and ...
  3. EOS (Stand N201)
    Making the most of what your EOS R5 / R6 camera has to offer means working with it, not against it. If you’re still trying to use the focusing system on your Canon mirrorless camera like a DSLR then s ...
  4. EOS (Stand N201)
    One of the biggest advantages of Canon’s mirrorless cameras is the ability to preview your image. For low light photography this enables you to see in the dark. But there’s more to it than that – adva ...
Essential Photo & Video / Godox
  1. EssentialPhoto & Video (Stand K404)
  2. EssentialPhoto & Video (Stand K404)
  3. EssentialPhoto & Video (Stand K404)
  4. EssentialPhoto & Video (Stand K404)
  5. EssentialPhoto & Video (Stand K404)
  1. Fotospeed (Stand D600)
  2. Fotospeed (Stand D600)
  3. Fotospeed (Stand D600)
  4. Fotospeed (Stand D600)
Nikon School
  1. Nikon (Stand B600)
    The camera, like many things, is what one makes of it. For example the language around it— the verbs, the actions and the roles we set of those who engage with it or are engaged by it— defines those w ...
  2. Nikon (Stand B600)
    Join Angel Fux as she presents how to craft surreal nightscape images with composite photography. During this talk, she will highlight the role she attributes to reality and how we can use it to envis ...
  3. Nikon (Stand B600)
    Join Neil Freeman as he takes you through the stunning images you can capture on a Nikon School workshop in Iceland. Learn how to prepare and setup your camera to enable you to create great images in ...
  4. Nikon (Stand B600)
    Join news and entertainment Getty photographers as they share their experiences and techniques for taking eye-catching images.
  5. Nikon (Stand B600)
    Roxy Furman specialises in creating short-form stories about animals, the natural world, and the people dedicated to protecting our planet. In this talk, she will delve into both her photography and f ...
  6. Nikon (Stand B600)
    Darren will be sharing his personal workflow for retouching portraits using the iPad Pro, taking attendees through his workflow from photoshoot to retouching, highlighting how to keep your workflow si ...
  7. Nikon (Stand B600)
    Get ready to take your shots to the next level with Ricci's tips and tricks for using the Nikon Z 8 for long exposure shots. From finding the perfect shutter speed to capturing the perfect moment, Ric ...
  8. Nikon (Stand B600)
    Photos are to tell stories, and one picture can say more than a thousand pixels. However, with 24 frames every second, there’s a chance to tell something even greater. Transitioning from still images ...
NiSi Optics
  1. NiSi Optics (Stand D550)
    Discover how to best use ND, GND and Polariser filters in landscape photography to capture unique images.