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16 - 19 March 2019
The NEC, Birmingham

Super Stage

This year's Super Stage line-up includes those at the very top of their game across fashion, documentary and photojournalism, music, weddings, wildlife and landscape, and surrealism. Globally renowned, this collection of photographers will take to the stage to talk about their experiences, how they've got to where they are now and how they've captured their most iconic images.




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Saturday, 17 March

Ami Vitale 11:00

The stories we're all seeking

ami vitaleHow do you tell a story? Ami Vitale’s multi award-winning career as a photographer and filmmaker has taken her to the farthest reaches of the globe, covering war zones, violence, wildlife on the brink of extinction and the struggles and enduring power of the human spirit. After more than a decade covering conflict, Ami couldn’t help but notice that the less sensational – but equally true – stories were often not getting told; the wedding happening around the corner from the revolution, triumphs amidst seemingly endless devastation. As a result, she re-committed herself to seeking out the stories within and around “the story,” and remaining independent, so that she would have the freedom to shoot what she believed deserved to be shared. Hear from Ami as she explores the art of storytelling without following the same old narratives - how we can find our own ways to tell the stories we’re seeking.

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Art Wolfe 13:00

Earth is my witness: The photography of Art Wolfe

srt wolfeAn opportunity to get insight into the widely-celebrated career of Art Wolfe, as he takes us through the work comprising his latest award-winning book, Earth Is My Witness. Representing forty years of Art’s expeditionary photography, which has seen him work on every continent and in hundreds of locations, this work brings the beauty of the planet’s fast-disappearing landscapes, wildlife, and cultures – the three subjects at the heart of his work –into stunning focus. Art’s talk will echo this masterpiece that journeys through the world’s ecosystems and geographical regions in a vivid display of the fragility and interconnectivity of life on Earth, while simultaneously exploring his evolution as an artist and the techniques he uses to capture the nuances and rhythms of nature.


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Erik Johansson 15:00

Imagining the impossible

erik-johanssonA master of surrealism, Erik Johansson's compositions combine realities to create images that are simultaneously impossible and visually realistic. Join Erik as he discusses how he got started, his inspiration, imagination and creative process, as well as how he goes about capturing ideas and illusions that fool our brains. Seamlessly blending often hundreds of photographs and blurring the distinctions between where one image begins and the other ends, Erik’s creations take us into a fantasy world that’s impossibly real. A chance to see how Erik builds his images up, and get a sneak peak into some of his unreleased projects.


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Sunday, 18 March

Brent Stirton 11:00

Change through a compassionate lensBrent Stirton

A black rhino bull, killed and mutilated for its horn; Brent Stirton’s poignant and shocking image – taken as part of an undercover investigation into the illegal rhino horn trade – saw him recognised as 2017’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Specialising in documentary work with wildlife, conservation, sustainability and global health elements, Brent’s committed approach to these issues takes him to places you and I wouldn’t venture, working mainly on long-term investigative projects for National Geographic Magazine. Hear from Brent directly about his work and motivations – the impact of winning such awards, going undercover, and reporting on the issues that really matter to you.

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Images may be of a sensitive nature


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Art Wolfe 13:00

Art Wolfe presents: The human canvas story

art wolfeFor over four decades Art Wolfe has journeyed to the edges of the earth to capture and create a staggering body of extraordinary work. Art’s map of the world is epic in ambition and intimate in its realisation. One of his most interesting collections, the Human Canvas, was born of this restlessness. The Human Canvas draws from a variety of Art’s works on camouflage and tribes that celebrate creativity in remote villages. In a cycle of discovery, exploration, and creation, Art Wolfe explains how his work as a fine art painter, his varied interests, and photographic projects have progressively informed this body of work and how he has repeatedly circled back to earlier endeavors for inspiration. Art draws attention to the potency of art, to its ability to connect the viewer to our natural and indigenous worlds, as told through this unique and personal story.


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Daniel Berehulak 15:00

Powerful and lasting stories

Daniel BerehulakDouble Pulitzer prize-winning independent photojournalist Daniel Berehulak travels the globe in pursuit of the events and stories shaping our world today. Winning the prize for Feature Photography in 2015 for his courageous images of the ebola crisis, and again in 2017 in the Breaking News Photography category for his powerful and disturbing coverage of the so-called war on drugs in the Philippines, Daniel is a regular contributor to The New York Times the recipient of many other prestigious awards (including six World Press Photo awards). A master of powerful storytelling through photography, in this session Daniel will talk about his approach to investigating these dangerous and gripping events, and how he puts together images that ensure these stories are not forgotten.

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Monday, 19 March

Jasmine Star 11:00

Determination, drive and building your brand - success in a social age

jasmine starJasmine Star's decision to quit law school and pursue her dream job resulted in her gaining recognition as one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world, but she didn't stop there. While growing her own award-winning business she became a sought-after consultant and social media guru, helping photographers far and wide boost their brands and reigniting their passion with her infectious enthusiasm and honest advice. Hear from Jasmine about how she started out, how she became so successful in wedding photography, and her advice for using social media to build your profile and drive your photography forward.


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Gered Mankowitz 13:00

Backstage - a life of rock and roll

gered mankowitzGered Mankowitz’s photography career is a who’s-who of iconic music of the 60s, 70s and beyond. Working closely with Marianne Faithful and others in the early 60s, Gered soon found himself on the road with the Rolling Stones during their record-breaking 1965 US tour, sharing in the adventures of the greatest rock band in the world at the peak of their original success. Gered’s illustrious career saw him go on to work with a catalogue of music industry giants – Jimi Hendrix, Traffic, Elton John, Slade, Kate Bush, Eurythmics, Duran Duran and many more. A special opportunity to see Gered interviewed about his 50-year career, how he got started, as well as stories from backstage and behind his most legendary images.


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Mary McCartney 15:00

In conversation with Mary McCartney

Mary McCartneyMary McCartney's body of work is extensive, encompassing candid reportage, portraiture, fashion and commercial commissions, numerous exhibitions and printed collections. Her portraits and reportage images offer us glimpses of insight into her subjects' lives, infused with an intimate and emotional connection. Fleeting, unguarded moments are captured by way of her talent for observing people, reacting to them spontaneously and forging the kind of creative chemistry that allows her subjects to open up. Join us at the Super Stage for a rare chance to hear from Mary, as she discusses her career, the highlights of her photographic work, and her creative process. 


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Tuesday, 20 March

Zed Nelson 13:00

Zed Nelson: Projects with personal vision

zed nelsonInternationally renowned photographer Zed Nelson has worked on assignment for National Geographic and many other magazines including the Sunday Times and the Guardian Weekend magazine in the UK. The recipient of numerous photography awards, including First Prize in the World Press Photo Competition, Nelson’s passion is working on long-term documentary projects that explore contemporary issues, work which has been exhibited in major solo exhibitions worldwide. In this revealing talk, Nelson will show work from his three major book projects – ‘Gun Nation’, ‘Love Me’, & 'A Portrait of Hackney' – the first of which he recently updated with a documentary film, re-visiting the subjects of his original, seminal book 18 years later. Taking us behind the scenes of these projects, Nelson will explain his approach, techniques to gain access to unusual situations, and how you can produce impactful long-term projects with personal vision.


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Miles Aldridge 15:00

Colour Theory by Miles Aldridge

miles aldridgeBritish photographer Miles Aldridge is well known for his vividly coloured, meticulously composed images. His signature style has graced the pages of TIME magazine, Vogue and The New York Times and his work is in the permanent collections of the The V&A and The National Portrait Gallery. Developed from storyboard sketches and shot on film, his work has many different influences from of cinema, painting and photography. Miles’ use of bold, vivid hues is unmistakable, and in this session he explores his relationship with colour and its place in his work.


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