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Live shoots and demos focused on photography

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16 Mar 2024
  1. Photo Studio
    Discover the key to authentic and graceful maternity portraits.
    Brought to you by  Canson® Infinity
18 Mar 2024
  1. Photo Studio
    Join this jam packed session with Donatella as she gives you practical tips, techniques and strategies you'll be able to impliment into your own maternity shoots. Profoto lighting kindly supplied by AJ’s.
  2. Photo Studio
    Hannah will share her vast experience photographing hundreds of people to show you how to get the best out of your subject, no matter who walks through the door!
    Brought to you by  Sony
19 Mar 2024
  1. Photo Studio
    Jade will demonstrate lighting techniques you can use across all skin tones.
  2. Photo Studio
    Dive into the world of softboxes in this live lighting demo with Gavin Hoey.
    Brought to you by  PiXAPRO


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