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Live shoots and demos focused on photography

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19 Mar 2024
  1. Photo Studio
    Are you a student looking to get your work seen and elevate your profile?     
    Brought to you by  Hahnemühle
  2. Photo Studio
    Jade will demonstrate lighting techniques you can use across all skin tones.
  3. Photo Studio
    Dive into the world of softboxes in this live lighting demo with Gavin Hoey.
    Brought to you by  PiXAPRO
  4. Photo Studio
    Tina will offer posing pointers to achieve striking, dynamic portrait and beauty images.
  5. Photo Studio
    Mick will break down the practical principles he relies on to get great portraits, sometimes in just 5 minutes, with couples who don't always feel comfortable in front of the camera!
    Brought to you by Sony