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Landscape, travel, wildlife & nature

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19 Mar 2024
  1. In Motion Studio
    Roxy will delve into her process for making wildlife films from start to finish.
    Brought to you by  Nikon
  2. Analogue Showcase
    Explore new ways of using photography as an emotive form of communication with Corrine Gretton-West, looking at the emulsion lift process.
  3. Creator Stage
    Join Andy in this session as he tells you how his new YouTube channel grew to 125k subscribers and has more than 30 million views in just 18 months.
  4. Behind the Lens
    BBC wildlife researcher and presenter Jack Baddams will discuss how thermal imaging works and how it can be used to track wildlife to capture amazing stills and video content.
    Brought to you by  HIKMICRO & Elite Optical
  5. Behind the Lens
    Fiona will show you the steps to transform your photography from average to exceptional.