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Behind the Lens

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Project-based talks and interviews


19 Mar 2024
  1. Behind the Lens
    Geraint will discuss a range of techniques to develop a style for your macro photography and build a diverse portfolio of images.    
    Brought to you by  OM System
  2. Behind the Lens
    Laura Abbatiello and Luke White from the Institute of Medical Illustrators will give an overview of clinical photography and how to get into it.
  3. Behind the Lens
    You don't need to travel far to capture spectacular wildlife with your camera - join Tesni to discover what Britain has to offer.     
    Brought to you by  OM System
  4. Behind the Lens
    BBC wildlife researcher and presenter Jack Baddams will discuss how thermal imaging works and how it can be used to track wildlife to capture amazing stills and video content.
    Brought to you by  HIKMICRO & Elite Optical
  5. Behind the Lens
    Discover how to ensure your portraits show a person's true beauty.    
  6. Behind the Lens
    Fiona will show you the steps to transform your photography from average to exceptional.