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Analogue Showcase

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What you don't know about analogue, you'll discover here

Analogue specialist exhibitors

Stage programme

19 Mar 2024
  1. Analogue Showcase
    Explore new ways of using photography as an emotive form of communication with Corrine Gretton-West, looking at the emulsion lift process.
  2. Analogue Showcase
    Learn all about how to capture sports on film in this session with Miles
  3. Analogue Showcase
    Join this session with Rachel who will introduce you to the wonders of using traditional heritage techniques in the studio.
    Brought to you by:  Little Vintage Photography
  4. Analogue Showcase
    Join this session with Dave from Alfie Cameras where he'll tell you all about how the TYCH was designed and developed.
  5. Analogue Showcase
    Join Miles in this session where he'll discuss all things analogue when it comes to shooting live music