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Enter for a chance to win a £500 gift card or a free year of Adobe Creative Cloud. Be among the first 350 entrants to receive an enamel lapel pin! Get to the Adobe Hub for more info or take a look at the details here.

Adobe Hub

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In the Adobe theatre we have action-packed programming with 20-min power presentations by top-notch speakers on Lightroom, Photoshop and Premiere Pro all day long. We have interviews with Adobe evangelists and engineers to hear about how the products are made. And we have a couple of special guest speakers who are sharing their passion and approach to visual storytelling. Come join us!

19 Mar 2024
  1. Adobe Hub (Stand H603)
    Dive into two of Lightroom's newest editing tools, Point Colour and Lens Blur, with Bea Lubas, who will walk you through how she uses these powerful tools while editing her images.
  2. Adobe Hub (Stand H603)
    Follow Ben Moore as he shows you what he looks for when he's taking photos in urban environments. During the photowalk you will be able to get close to him, ask him questions as he is composes his images and learn how he’s see's the world through his photography mindset.
  3. Adobe Hub (Stand H603)
    Exploring the power of diverse perspectives and inclusive practices within photography, this talk by portrait photographer Anna Neubauer illuminates the transformative potential of embracing diversity to enrich storytelling and authentically capture the beauty of humanity.
  4. Adobe Hub (Stand H603)
    Join us for a discussion with designer Johannes Eckert and engineer Toby Baier from the Lightroom team about all that goes into researching, designing, and building the powerful Lightroom for mobile app.
  5. Adobe Hub (Stand H603)
  6. Adobe Hub (Stand H603)
    Enhance and empower your architecture photography using the wealth of tools available in Lightroom Classic.
  7. Adobe Hub (Stand H603)
    Your studio is everywhere: Johannes Eckert, Lightroom designer, shows how to edit across devices and apps, from Lightroom on your phone to Photoshop on the web.
  8. Adobe Hub (Stand H603)
    There’s more to Photoshop with Photoshop Beta! Test out new features for photographers right inside the Public Beta version, we’ll look at all new filters to enhance your photography!
  9. Adobe Hub (Stand H603)
    The tone curve is one of the most powerful tools in post-processing however, it can be intimidating on first impressions. In this session, we’ll break it down and show you just how useful it is.


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