Speaker line-up

This year's speaker line-up included photographers and filmmakers; best in their field. Specialising in everything from social engagement to photography business, long exposure to macro, they shared their expertise with visitors throughout the four days.

Johanna Elizabeth

Jo has been running a successful boudoir & portrait studio since 2010.

She spent a few years following the UK’s common model of ‘free shoot & free print’ requiring high numbers of bums on seats, juggling low average sales and all the stress that brought.

Four years ago, feeling fed up and convinced there had to be a better way, Jo focused states side and was inspired to try a different business model. In her words, ‘It just felt right’.

With the experience of over 6000 clients, she has developed the perfect client system. This results in a much higher average sale, mostly featuring Graphistudio’s innovative portrait products.

However, nothing stands still, and Jo knows constant learning and development are the key to her success.
Recently, signing up to Steve Saporito’s education and UK workshop this summer, means Jo is expecting to take her business to the next level, again.


  • 16 Mar 2019
    15:00 - 16:00

    Women in portraits - high-value sales techniques