19-22 September 2020 - The NEC, Birmingham

The Photography Show & The Video Show 2020 has been postponed until 19-22 September 2020

Juno Calypso

JunoCalypso - headshot

Exposing myself: From bedroom to billboard

Super Stage

Tuesday 17th March | 13:15 - 14:30

Juno Calypso's meticulously-crafted self-portraits are distinctive, striking, strange and frequently full of dark humour. Her images often feature her fictional alter-ego 'Joyce', first created while studying photography at university, and examine ideas of solitude, femininity, self-perception and identity. In her first project post-graduation, the acclaimed 'The Honeymoon', Juno staged a series of solitary self-portraits as 'Joyce' in a romantic-themed couples hotel. Her latest, 'What to do With A Million Years', saw her shoot a series in a Las Vegas bunker-mansion, built in the 70s as a nuclear shelter, and currently owned by a mystery group attempting to achieve immortality.

Here Juno gives us a fascinating glimpse behind her images, from childhood and teenage years, through her projects to her commercial and editorial work with brands such as Burberry. We delve into how and why she creates such intriguing images, how she accesses such interesting and bizarre locations, and the enduring allure of 'exposing herself'.

Juno's Work