20-21 September 2020

The Photography Show & The Video Show 2020 is going virtual on 20 and 21 September

2020 speaker profiles

Ollie Taylor

Ollie has worked within the landscape and travel photography industry since 2005, going fully freelance in 2013 and specialising in nightscape and astrophotography, workshops in Europe, which were a huge success, continuing to run them alongside tours combined with traditional landscape photography across Europe, and internationally. 

He has written about nightscape techniques for pretty much every photography magazine title available on UK shelves; featuring in many titles’ multiple times, alongside European and North American titles, also featuring in multiple national and international astronomy magazines, local county magazines and also magazines such as National Geographic. His work has featured in multiple national and international newspapers, and websites to include Forbes, NASA and ESA, alongside providing work for renowned authors for internal spreads and novel covers. 

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10 years of nightscape, a photographic journey

14:15 - 15:15