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Think big, go live!

06 Mar 2021
Video tutorials
The popularity of live streaming has grown rapidly over the past year and it's unlikely to slowdown anytime soon. In this live and interactive session, photographer Gavin Hoey will share his experience of integrating live streaming into his existing business. From essential kit to his three 'going live' golden rules, Gavin will cover what's worked well in his experience and perhaps more importantly, what went wrong. He'll talk about how to stream even when you're audience is super small and how to cope if things get big! For this session Gavin will be using his OMD E-M1 Mark iii camera but the techniques will be relevant to all, regardless of what camera you're using. New technology means going live has become surprisingly easy to do and if you get it right, you could reach thousands of new and existing clients all from the comfort of your home office.
Gavin Hoey



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