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Valda Bailey

Valda Bailey

I am a freelance photographer living in Sussex. I am largely motivated by colour and form and the tension and dynamism that these components can bring to an image. My objective is not so much to portray a literal representation but rather depict my feelings evoked by the landscape. I try to find something extraordinary in the mundane. My approach to photography is greatly informed by my background in painting and influences come as much from artists as photographers. I think as a consequence of this, I am drawn towards flat, abstract renditions. I have found a way of working using multiple exposures and intentional camera movement which helps me simplify the detail in a scene. This approach is controllable to a certain degree, but still has a great deal of unpredictability about it and it is this aspect that is both challenging and rewarding. Perhaps I am a rule breaker at heart - for me, nothing is more dispiriting and destructive to the creative process than somebody telling me that the rule of thirds, f/16 and a golden sunset must converge in perfect harmony in order for an image to be deemed successful.

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