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Tony Harmer

Tony Harmer

Chief Enchantment Officer at Wizardry Ltd, Tony Harmer (a.k.a The Design Ninja) is a "Creative Swiss Army Knife" and learning-content author who has consulted on design/imaging production workflows for some of the world's largest brands and agencies, identifying workflow cost savings running into the tens of millions and frustration savings that are priceless. Tony's three-decade career has given him a broad experience base to draw upon including some time as a press operator, several years as a concept artist in IP development, and also delivering graphic/imaging production training in EMEA and the United States. He is the author of several video titles for and LinkedIn Learning as well as running a growing channel on YouTube ( with weekly artwork process tips and techniques. Tony is a popular speaker/presenter and his often-off-the-wall sessions always provide a ton of tips, techniques, insights and inspirations delivered with humour and enthusiasm that is totally infectious.


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