Fashion shoot
Tonicha Gordon

Tonicha Gordon

I’m Tonicha, T for short, an analogue photographer based in the Lake District! I started my analogue photography journey around 5 years ago, I shoot 35mm, 120 and have previously shot polaroid. I always carry my Olympus Mju around with me, but I also shoot on Olympus om2n, Zenit 11 and my Bronica ETRS.

Graingurls is a collective set up by myself and Nikki. We joked about how we would probably go unnoticed and get about 3 followers a month, but we have grown into this amazing community that keeps on getting bigger and better! At this session we are here to show you the journey of a roll of film, as well as show you how to shoot and develop with help from our go to lab Take it Easy! We hope you come to join us!