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Tom Mason

Tom Mason

Wildlife Photographer, (From The Amazon To The Okavango) & Nikon Ambassador

Tom has always been obsessed with the outdoors, as a young lad he wanted to climb mountains, watch wildlife and spend any and every moment he could exploring. Picking up a camera aged eleven he had a new way to explore and after a few days he was hooked on a dream of becoming a full time nature photographer. Fast forward 17 years and he's had a camera round his neck ever since, it's taken him around the globe from the Amazon to the Okavango and given him the opportunity to spend time in some truly amazing places with incredible subjects.

Over the years he's built up a great client list, providing images for the likes of BBC Wildlife Magazine, The RSPB, National Tourist boards and NGO’s as well as many magazines and publications.

A few years ago he was honoured to be invited to become a Nikon Europe Optics Ambassador, and have since worked alongside Nikon on multiple product launches both for optics and cameras, providing images and video content. Having worked with Nikon cameras for over a decade and a half, it’s awesome to be part of the Nikon family. In addition to his work with Nikon he is also proud to be part of the Wex Ambassador Network.