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Sally Parkinson

Sally Parkinson

Sally Parkinson Photography was born in 2006 in Sally’s garage in Colchester, Essex. She has always loved to capture the family story. Whether it’s a new member of the family, a birthday celebration or a 90th birthday, they’re all part of the journey. Sally has always believed that the chapters in a family story should be captured and this became even more important after her Mum’s Dementia diagnosis in 2014.

Sally took advantage of the time during lockdown to focus on her ‘why’ and completely rebrand to Family Story Photography resulting in new logos, website and branded clothing.

Most of her photography takes place in her garden studio at her home in Braintree, Essex. Families love the garden setting and Sally believes that this makes her clients feel more ‘at home’. Sally also loves to capture families outdoors and prefers to use a rustic privately owned enclosed field so that the families, usually with an energetic dog or two, can relax.

Families love climbing into the 4ft square white box in the studio, it’s a great ice breaker and is perfect for props and toys making a perfect way to tell a story. The Story 9, a compilation of 9 of their images is a popular choice for wall art.

Being in business for 16 years means that I have cuddled countless babies, chased cheeky toddlers and had fun with many families. Here’s to the next 16!


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