The Photography Show 2018


Rory Lewis

Rory Lewis

Rory Lewis never actually set out to become a photographer. A degree in medieval history and medieval literature from King’s College London doesn’t provide the most straightforward route into his current vocation, in fact it never even crossed his brain that he could put his skills to good use behind the camera. 

German Expressionism lit a fire like no other in Rory’s stomach, he became enthralled with the period’s cinematography, themes and visual effects. It didn’t take long for this passion to manifest itself as a sudden keen interest in photography. However, his love for the historical and political would not be quelled by this new-found interest – and eventually Rory would marry these two areas of study as one overwhelming passion; a passion which bordered on harmless obsession.

Spending over a decade honing his craft Rory has become one of the UK’s finest portrait photographers. Rory’s portfolio of portraiture represents actors, corporate directors, generals, admirals, sports personalities, politicians, doctors, ambassadors, Prime Ministers and many more. His portraiture has been acquired by The National Portrait Gallery in London, and his work is published and exhibited worldwide.