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Roie Galitz

Roie Galitz

Keynote speaker Roie Galitz is one of the world's top wildlife photographers and an experienced speaker. He loves showing the beauty of the world and strives to take pictures no one has seen before. His passion for animals and nature has also motivated him to raise environmental awareness, recently he has even gave an hour and a half talk in the United Nations Headquarters and spoke in several global conferences. Roie Galitz lives and breathes photography. To Roie, a unique perspective, in photography and life, can actualize any vision. Roie has impressive knowledge about photography and he aims to pass it on to as many as possible. In 2007, he founded his own school of photography in Israel called Galitz School of Photography, which has over 26,000 graduates so far. He is also the editor-in-chief of the popular photography magazine Composition Magazine as well as the founder of Phototeva, which is a photography exhibitions company with many exciting destinations and photographers, who get to live their dream. He is also the Ambassador for Greenpeace, Gitzo, Lowepro, G-Technology and others. Roie has received over a hundred international awards and honorable mentions over the years for his amazing unique photos _ his talent is undeniable. In his fascinating keynotes he talks about his personal experiences with photographing animals in extreme conditions.

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