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Rebecca Douglas

Rebecca Douglas

Lifestyle & Brand Photographer

Rebecca is a lifestyle and brand photographer capturing radically authentic moments that resonate with soulful connection. She captures the essence of people, places and planet, weaving narratives that go beyond the surface to reveal the heart of the story. 

To do this she dives deep with people to illuminate their spirit and ethos, crafting visual stories that align with the values and aspirations of the souls she co-creates with. Everything she does is rooted in a passion for the planet, a celebration of humanity's connection to nature. She sees photography as a powerful medium to urge viewers to reflect on the beauty and fragility of our world and to feel inspired to make a difference. 

Her love for photography is entwined with her fascination for chasing light, from the ethereal auroras dancing in our night skies, to the rugged landscapes of Iceland, Norway and Scotland. Her lens has taken her on wild journeys to embrace the magic of our coastline and islands around the UK, the majesty of sub-zero adventures in the Arctic, capturing the raw, untamed beauty of these diverse environments. 

She envisions a world where we are all safe to be seen, just as we are. As we take up more space in the world, we make a path for others to follow. To build a world where rewilding our souls and reconnecting with nature becomes transformative acts. It's a call to awaken, to embolden individuals and brands to be visible and to build a future that sustains us all.

She is driven by a commitment to positive impact. She is proudly ADHD and know that my neurodivergence is at the heart of how she sees the world differently. She questions the status quo, challenges preconceived ideas, and builds a future grounded in feminism, equality, and environmental consciousness and the alchemy of all of this defines the ethos of her work and pushes the boundaries of what is possible.