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Rachel Brewster-Wright

Rachel Brewster-Wright

Rachel Brewster-Wright is an analogue photography educator and award-winning hybrid wedding photographer. She set up Little Vintage Photography where she runs in-person and online workshops, experiences and courses in film and analogue photographic processes and techniques.

She has worked with Ilford for several years, creating and presenting an on-going series of darkroom videos that explore the magic of analogue printing and founded the #ShootFilmBeNice positive photography movement.

Alongside this, she creates film photography kits for all ages, co-hosts the Sunny 16 Podcast on analogue photography and is a regular contributor to industry magazines.

You can find her ‘Analogue Academy’ on Patreon where her members join monthly ‘Virtual Film Development Parties’ with other film lovers from around the world and she is about to launch her 'Ultimate Film Photography & Darkroom Workbook Planner' to help analogue photographers stay inspired and ace their next photography & darkroom adventure!


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