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Nina Bailey

Nina Bailey

Author, Photographer, Canon Specialist Tutor, EOS Magazine

A lifelong Canon user...

I have an unrivalled knowledge of Canon cameras, which in part stems from the fact that I’ve only ever shot with Canon gear throughout my career. I have an intrinsically curious nature and love all things technical. When working at Canon UK, I was responsible for demonstrating and teaching dealers about the more technical aspects of cameras.

There’s no doubt that cameras have become increasingly complex over the years!

...with a passion for teaching

My role at Canon then naturally led to wanting to teach amateur and enthusiast photographers how to use these complicated bits of kit, something I’ve done since the turn of the millennium.

When writing my books and magazine, I ensure that I get to know every single Canon EOS camera. I do this by reading the manuals, Canon white papers and, most importantly, testing every feature that’s on a camera. Whilst they all share the same core features, it’s vital for me to keep my knowledge up-to-date, and so getting out in the field with a new camera is vital for me to teach effectively about its new features.

This means that whichever way you learn from me – through my books or training courses – you’re guaranteed up-to-date and thorough knowledge that’s relevant to you and your Canon EOS camera.