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Miles Myerscough-Harris

Miles Myerscough-Harris

Photographer & Founder of Expired Film Club
Hi, I'm Miles, and I like to look at the world through a vintage lens.

I started Expired Film Club in 2021 as a way to escape from the world a little bit. There's nothing more therapeutic to me than taking a film camera off into the woods and immersing myself in shooting a roll of film, or two... or five...

I began experimenting with ever-more weird & wonderful cameras & film, and it seemed that people found it interesting. Fast forward to 2023 and I now have 2m+ followers across my social media channels, where I post the results from my film shoots, particularly specialising in sport and music.

I love travelling with my cameras in hand and photographing beautiful locations and interesting activities across the world to showcase on my social media channels.