The Photography Show 2018


Louis Cole

Louis Cole

Louis Cole is one of the largest travel vloggers around, with a total following of over 4.8 million across all social media platforms. His life is jam-packed with adventure and exploration as he wanders across the globe, taking on every challenge and fully engrossing himself in every culture and community he stumbles upon. Each day of his adventure-filled life is filmed and uploaded to his YouTube channel - FunForLouis - where over 1.8 million dedicated subscribers follow his every move. 
A 21st century nomad, without a fixed address, “Live the Adventure” is the motto Louis lives his life by.  While dedicated followers are given the opportunity to travel and explore vicariously through Louis' daily vlogs and Instagrams, he encourages them to step out of their own comfort zones and make the adventure their own. 

Louis is a man with a mission, driven by his own personal passion for the environment and sustainability he feels strongly about partnering with brands who have their own vision - allowing content to be created that not only entertains but inspires and encourages the every day viewer. 

Twitter: @funforlouis
Instagram: @funforlouis

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