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Kelsey Heinrichs

Kelsey Heinrichs

Travel Blogger And Photographer

Kelsey is a London-based travel blogger and photographer. Her passion is to inspire others to travel by creating scroll-stopping videos that tell epic adventure stories and by writing travel guides that evoke a strong sense of FOMO – enticing her readers to swiftly book their next getaway. Kelsey has an audience of over 1 million followers across her social media pages and blog and over 15 years' experience working in the creative industry with a background in Graphic Design, Photography and Marketing.

Her mission is to showcase unique and breath-taking destinations, hotels and restaurants while encouraging her followers to live their best life possible whether that’s inspiring them to book a solo trip, pick up a camera or chase their dreams.

But Kelsey's impact transcends pixels and captions. She's the founder of Creative Gal Gang, a not-for-profit community that has grown to over 7000 members. This empowering space unites female creatives, including influencers, photographers, models, and a myriad of talented individuals from the UK. It's a testament to Kelsey's commitment to fostering collaboration and uplifting women in the creative sphere.