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Kelly Brown

Kelly Brown

Renowned For Newborn & Maternity Photography

Kelly Brown is a distinguished figure in the world of newborn photography, with a career spanning nearly two decades. Since founding her business in 2004, Kelly has become a leading authority in the newborn genre, earning accolades and recognition for her exceptional work.

Beyond her own photography, Kelly's true passion lies in education. She dedicates the majority of her time to training and mentoring photographers, both online and in person. Through her platforms, and, Kelly offers a treasure trove of over 500 educational video tutorials and downloadable resources, including invaluable Photoshop actions tailored for photographers.

As a business-based portrait photographer and a mentor to over 70,000 photographers, Kelly understands the value of not only capturing moments but also nurturing the talent and skills of fellow professionals. She imparts her expertise in composition, lighting, and technique, inspiring a new generation of photographers to elevate their craft.

Kelly's influence extends far beyond her tutorials. She offers business acumen to professionals eager to expand their skills and profitability. Her teachings empower photographers to not only master their art but also thrive in the competitive industry.

Among her many accolades, Kelly proudly holds the titles of AIPP Double Master of Photography, WPPI Grand Master of Photography, and SWPP Fellow of Photography. She is recognized as 1 of 15 Canon Masters in Australia & New Zealand and serves as an ambassador for esteemed brands like Graphistudio and Canson Infinity.

As an international photography judge and chairperson, Kelly continues to play a pivotal role in setting the standards of excellence in the industry. Through her generosity and expertise, she is not only capturing the essence of new life but also shaping the future of professional photography worldwide.