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Keenan Lam

Keenan Lam

Director & Videographer

Keenan Lam (@keenanlam) is a British-born Chinese director and videographer, based in London. He specialises in music, travel and fashion/product filmmaking, using his skills to create dynamic and engaging short-form videos for brands, artists, and individuals alike. With an eye for originality, a creative mindset and an adaptive but distinctive visual style, he has produced video content for a wide collection of brands all over the world.

Keenan recently joined the UK Shooters team as Head of Video in July of 2018, and produces the highlight videos from all the events that are hosted each year. He aims to capture the community side of the events, showing creatives from all over the world joining under one roof, networking, having fun, and enjoying themselves.

From working with Specsavers at London Fashion Week, creating epic travel content for The North Face in Switzerland, to road-tripping the UK with Samsung alongside the UK Shooters team, Keenan has gained strong and valuable experience in producing video content for the digital marketing industry