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Kay Scorah

Kay Scorah

In the business and charity world, I help individuals and groups to improve strategic thinking and communication by bringing together techniques and skills I have learned in my varied career in research science (as a research biochemist), business (as an advertising and marketing strategist) the Arts and movement (trained in acting and dance, and as a yoga instructor). I design and facilitate training sessions, conferences and workshops, teach and tutor leadership courses, and mentor and coach those who feel like "the only x in the room...".
I believe that if everyone in every organisation brought 100% of themselves to work there would be more happiness, greater productivity and an endless stream of innovation and great ideas; there would be fewer misunderstandings, less stress and corruption and fewer mistakes. As well as helping others to express themselves, I speak write, rant and rage for myself with my blog, occasional dance theatre productions and stand-up comedy routines.