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John Miskelly

John Miskelly

Fine Art Landscape Photographer

Since I was a child, I’ve always taken photographs. It’s how I express myself creatively and it was this that led to an early career in the BBC. Many years later and I now spend my time as a professional landscape photographer, particularly loving to teach and share my passion with others. As for my photographic influences? Well, I’ve long had a passion for the great outdoors, having taken part in adventure sports since my teens, and I’m also heavily influenced by the Japanese garden aesthetic. Putting them together results in the type of images you will see in my presentation, where I use the long exposure as a key compositional element. I believe that most photographers understand how to make the best use of the light, but many struggle with composition, which can be the difference between an average image and one which has impact and emotion. I will discuss this in detail in the presentation, along with examples of images and how I created them. John is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, a Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography, a Canson Infinity International Ambassador and a LEE Filters ambassador.