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Jess McGovern

Jess McGovern

Award-Winning Pet Photographer (International Pet Photographer Of The Year)

Jess is a Creative working at the highest level in business, marketing and photography through her two successful businesses. As a CIM Level 6 qualified multi channel strategic marketer, established graphic designer, 2018 nominee for CodeGirls, one of Hull’s Inspirational Women in Tech and 2020 MPA Pet Photographer of the Year, Jess is skilled across a wide variety of mediums and is also a dog parent to 4 hairy bears who she works with, trains and competes year round in dog agility.

About That Photography Spot:

That Photography Spot exists to share tips and techniques that allow photographers to shoot with confidence. Covering over 10 years worth of Jess’ skills, the content available on YouTube and the sister blog help beginners start on the right track and enhance professional workflows and business strategy to create more profitable portrait photography businesses.