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Jakob Gronkjaer

Jakob Gronkjaer

Wedding, Corporate & Editorial Specialist Pro Photographer

Jakob owns and runs  Danish Apple Photography with his wife Dasha, focusing predominantly on weddings, corporate and editorial work. For more than a decade, he has shot weddings, corporate and fashion work across the UK and Europe with clients ranging from major listed multinational companies, to world champion bodybuilders, to aspiring creative artists.  

His varied work focuses on capturing "wow!" moments with simple, effective techniques, whether working with a single individual or large groups and has appeared in various print publications and across online social media. 

As well as providing community based photography skills sessions, Jakob runs individual training sessions aimed at supporting a photographers' development from basic to more advanced photographic and lighting skills. He has presented at the Photography Show and the Society of Photographers annual Conventions on several occasions, as well as the CameraWorld Live Show, the Wex Photographic Light Show and hosted an online session with the Photographer Academy. In all these sessions, his key focus has always been on making the impossible possible for anyone who holds a camera in their hands.