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Jade Keshia Gordon

Jade Keshia Gordon

Fashion & Beauty Photographer

JKG Photography was formed in 2010 by London based female photographer, Jade Keshia Gordon. Jade is a passionate photographer who specializes in fashion and beauty photography. With over 10 years of experience, Jade prides herself on attention to detail. She loves capturing moments and mood boards and making them come alive with her photography. She has experience with both studio and location photography and loves to experiment with different angles, lighting, and concepts in order to create something special that stands out from the rest. She is also very passionate about teaching, especially on unrepresented areas such as How to photograph skin tones or the importance of diversifying or skill set.

Her clients include Lancôme, Canon, Benefit Cosmetics, Manfrotto, Nella Rose, Dove, The Plastic Boy, and Grace Victory.