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Hermeilio Miguel Aquino (Kino)

Hermeilio Miguel Aquino (Kino)

Visual and Conceptual Artist

Kino is a visual and conceptual artist who draws inspiration from diverse sources, creating a bold, dynamic style that blends techniques across stills and moving images. He is known for his ability to create striking scenes that leave a lasting impression on viewers.

His vast and intricate knowledge of the creative industry from every angle set Kino apart. His career began behind the scenes, shooting backstage at prestigious events such as London and Paris Fashion Weeks and working as a creative content producer at Interpublic group, producing and shooting content across Proctor & Gamble, Pepsi, Zippo, and various blue-chip brands, where he honed his craft and developed a keen understanding of branding and advertising. This experience proved invaluable as he went on to work as a creative director for various brands, where he applied his creative vision across design, branding, photography, and commercials. He is Defiant's co-founder and current creative partner—a strategy and creative agency in London.


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