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Helen Sloan

Helen Sloan

Helen was born in rural Ireland. Given her first camera at age 11, she quickly settled into her "fly on the wall" personality, capturing memories of life around her. At age 18 while studying Art in Belfast, she landed among a group of circus performers, where her technical mind and non-intrusive type of photography lent itself well to capturing skills and tricks for circus publicity shots. A series of melancholy circus portraits caught the attention of a movie producer who invited her to work on the set of his horror movie. Sloan landed a series of jobs on movie and television sets over the next decade and then "Game of Thrones" came right to her doorstep. Helen is responsible for the vast majority of photography from the Game of Thrones series, having been there since the first day of filming on the pilot episode, and every day since. The job covers many genres of photography; landscape, portraiture, studio lit posters, and behind-the-scenes documentary.


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