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Colin Prior

Colin Prior

Session: A state of imagination
Saturday, 17 September - 15:30-16:45

An opportunity to hear from one of landscape photography's most dedicated and passionate advocates, Colin Prior, as he describes his adventures, experiences, inspirations and photography philosophy.

Colin Prior is an acclaimed landscape photographer with almost four decades of experience. He seeks out patterns in the landscape and the hidden links between reality and the imagination. His images capturing sublime moments of light and land are the result of meticulous planning, and often take years to achieve. His previous books include Living Tribes (2003), The World’s Wild Places (2006), Scotland’s Finest Landscapes (2014) and he has just completed a six year project in Pakistan’s Karakoram Mountains. Among Prior’s awards are the National Adventure Awards, Business Category Winner (2015), and the Scottish Award for Excellence in Mountain Culture (2020). He has been the subject of three BBC documentaries entitled Mountain Man.



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