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Claire Luxton

Claire Luxton

Claire Luxton is represented by MTArt Agency. After receiving an BFA from Goldsmiths University of London, Luxton created a challenging series of self portraits & sculptures, pushing her emotional and physical boundaries by becoming both the subject matter and the materiality. Her work explores the delicate equilibrium between humans and nature, the ominous undercurrents of her work oscillates between constructed femininity and alluring vulnerability, seducing the viewer with intrigue and uncertainty. Luxton’s work draws on both the modern anxiety of society and the environment; each portrait, painting and accompanying poetry, becoming an exploration of isolation, desire and uncertainty. Luxton has collaborated with brands from Adobe to McQueens and created bespoke public artworks for clients such as Westminster Council, The Crown Estate, JP Morgan, The Affordable Art Fair & The Birmingham Royal Ballet. Luxton has recently had articles published in Harper’s Bazaar and her works selected for and exhibition on peace at the UN in New York. Luxton’s work has also been in both Glamour Italia and Germany and recently on the cover of FLUX magazine.