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Will Burrard-Lucas

Will Burrard-Lucas

Wildlife Photographer

Will Burrard-Lucas is a British wildlife photographer. His passion for Africa and its wildlife took root at a young age, having spent several years of his childhood growing up in Tanzania. His interest in photography began with the dawn of digital cameras and he quickly found his two passions combined as he spent more time focusing his lens on wild subjects. In 2010 he became a fulltime wildlife photographer.

Will has always endeavored to utilise new technologies to push the boundaries of wildlife photography. He developed a remote-control camera buggy called BeetleCam to take close-up ground-level photographs of animals and his own camera trap sensors to detect and photograph more elusive wildlife. As digital cameras evolved, advances in lowlight sensitivity made it possible to photograph nocturnal wildlife in ways that were not previously possible. This inspired Will to embark on a long-term project to reveal African wildlife at night. 

Will’s “African Wildlife at Night” series won the Natural World category of the 2017 Sony World Photography Awards and this led to a grant from Sony for his next project titled “Land of Giants”. The aim of this latest project was to document the last of Africa’s iconic elephants with tusks reaching down to the ground, in collaboration with the Tsavo Trust and Kenya Wildlife Service. In 2019, “Land of Giants” will be released as coffee table book in support of the Tsavo Trust. 

Will founded Camtraptions Ltd in 2014 to turn his inventions for remote and camera trap photography into a range of products. Photographers and filmmakers around the world have gone on to use Camtraptions equipment to win international photography competitions and capture footage for some of the best-known nature documentaries of recent years.

Find Will online:
Instagram & Twitter: @willbl