The Photography Show 2018


Bert Stephani

Bert Stephani

Bert is a full time professional photographer from Belgium who specialises in creative portraits and compelling visual storytelling. Photography to Bert has always been a passport to enter new worlds and meet fascinating people. He aims to capture what makes someone unique in every portrait. And in his documentary work, he’s after telling the big story through small stories. Although technical mastery is high on his priority list, Bert describes his style as often a bit rough around the edges, just like life itself. 

Ever since he started my professional career some ten years ago, Bert has been passionate about sharing information and knowledge with others. Workshops, lectures and speaking engagements take him all over the world to meet inspiring fellow creatives. 

Bert is proud that his work is recognised by Fujifilm, his favourite camera brand. He was chosen as one of their first official Fujifilm X-photographers. Bert had the privilege of doing campaigns, workshops and speaking engagements and his feedback as a working professional is taken very seriously. Bert says it often feels like they make cameras and lenses specifically for him. 

The KAGE Collective is an international group of eight visual story tellers, and Bert says it's an honour, a pleasure and an inspiration to be part of this amazingly talented group.
Bert describes himself as a forty one year old gentle giant who spends most of his spare time being amazed by three beautiful kids, an inspirational girlfriend and the outdoors.

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