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Ben Moore

Ben Moore

Freelance Photographer of the Year 2023, Urban Photographer, Filmmaker

As a self-taught urban photographer, Ben's goal is to capture the essence and aesthetic qualities of the built environment. Through his lens, he strives to showcase the architecture of buildings and structures, revealing their unique character and personality. His photographs are a celebration of the urban world, highlighting the fusion of art, engineering and design.

Having spent years perfecting his craft, he knows that every building has a story to tell. His passion for urban architecture drives him to explore the intricate relationship that exists between people and their built environment. It inspires him to capture the details that most people overlook, to create vivid and engaging images that tell the story of a place.

Whether he is photographing historic landmarks or modern skyscrapers, he always strive to add a unique perspective to my work. He utilises his technical prowess and artistic vision to create photographs that are both visually stunning and emotionally resonant.

For him, urban architectural photography is more than just a profession - it is a calling. He is constantly in search of the next great shot, the opportunity to capture a breath-taking architectural moment that speaks to viewers on a deeper level. Every photograph tells a story, and his goal is to tell the story of the urban world in all its beauty and complexity.