The Photography Show 2018


Ben Cherry

Ben Cherry

Ben describes his main subject focus as environmental photojournalism, capturing nature’s beauty and how we interact with it. Coming from a zoology background, with a lifelong fascination for photography, Ben has been featured internationally in magazines as well as competitions and is a Fujifilm X-Photographer. In his own words, this is what he tries to convey "I love capturing moments that tell a story and taking landscape pictures that depict the essence of a location. I attempt to get the viewer to feel the way I felt when I took the image – it’s about experiencing the wonders of the natural world and how we relate to it.” 

Last year Ben spent three months as part of the Flight of the Swans media team covering an ambitious conservation expedition from Arctic Russia back to the UK following the migration of the declining Bewick’s swan, with their very own ‘human swan’, Sacha Dench paramotoring all along the flyway. 


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