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Alan Bell

Alan Bell

Fine art photographer
I work primarily with analogue photography and create signs and sound, focusing on semiotics and space. I document the signs and signals around us that tell us how to live. In doing so, I aim to understand how they affect our behaviour. Especially signs that control space, such as no parking signs and signs that tell us we are being watched/surveilled. Through documenting industrial areas within cities, we glimpse the lives of people who inhabit these areas. I am interested in who puts signs up, private and public, and their aims. Do they want to control space to have some form of control, or are they there to make us behave in a certain way and conform to a particular way of being? It leads me to question the purpose of those signs, why they have been put there, and by whom. Were they put there by public (governmental) or private individuals? I feel that the answers to these questions tell us a lot about who we are as both individuals and as a society.