September 2021

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Get your film seen and heard: Practical tools for success

21 Sep 2021
Toute Suite
Video Pro Masterclass
As filmmakers we may have a knack for technique and a creative eye, but may not be naturals at marketing and promoting our work. In this session, Rehmat will share the exact tools she used to fund and market her zero-budget documentary Toxification to gain worldwide success. Rehmat will share how her social media campaign alone enabled the film to win Best Documentary at OIFFA Canada, be reviewed in The Guardian and a number of other publications, be shown in cinemas all over the world as well as being available to watch on Amazon Prime. You'll learn about the different ways to fund your film, the benefits and drawbacks of film festivals as well as Rehmat's method for creating and implementing a social media strategy that works for you. If you're looking to gain success with your next film, this masterclass is for you.
Rehmat Rayatt