September 2021

Fashion shoot

Culture, people and machines: Documenting humans

19 Sep 2021
Masterclass Theatre, Hall 2
Super Stage

Magnum Photos president Olivia Arthur has been a documentary photographer for nearly 20 years, and is renowned for her projects examining people and cultural identities, with particular focus on the East-West cultural divide. Working around the globe from India to Saudi, Dubai and across Europe, she has often explored the daily lives of women and has a strong interest in the way we see ourselves. In this session, Olivia will talk through the different approaches she takes to her work, explaining how and why they vary each time. She'll delve into projects such as Jeddah Diary, Stranger, and her portraits from Mumbai, as well as her recent fascinating work exploring human bodies and their intersection with, and transformation through, technology.

Portrait image ©Philipp Ebeling

Olivia Arthur



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