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Transforming visions: Crafting dynamic narratives in your studio photography

16 Mar 2024
Editing & Post-Production Suite
Editing & Post Production
Bella will begin by explaining how narrative elements enhance the impact of studio images - something she does so beautifully in her stunning fairytale and nature-inspired portraits. From backdrop choices and techniques to integrate them seamlessly into your studio images, she'll then discuss colour theory in the contect of storytelling, customising presents to fit the unique narrative of each image, and tips for maintaining natural skin tones while altering the overall colour palette. As well as showing how to utilise hand-crafted Photoshop actions, she'll share some handy time-saving tricks and shortcuts to make post-production easier, and go over the importance of the final review and adjustments to your images. Get your questions ready!
Bella Kotak, Award-Winning Fine Art, Fashion & Portrait Photographer


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