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17 - 20 September 2022, The NEC, Birmingham, UK

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The secrets to capturing the best dog photos ever

19 Sep 2022
Super Theatre
Go in-depth into the magical, colourful world of dog photography with multi award-winning pet photographer Kaylee Greer. Kaylee’s unmistakable images grace books, magazines, advertising campaigns and more, she's the author of a best-selling book on pet photography, and the star of the Nat Geo WILD television mini-series Pupparazzi. In this session, you'll learn eye-opening tips for making incredible images that capture all the joy and whimsy of our four-legged friends. Kaylee will discuss the firsthand challenges and rewards of working in the unique niche of dog photography and show you insider tricks for taking stellar images of a constantly moving, wiggling subject - from the best camera settings to finding perfect locations and getting dogs to look straight down the barrel of your lens.
Kaylee Greer

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